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 Season 15 II.3 preview

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PostSubject: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:55 am


Group of death is one of those clichés that gets wheeled out far too often. In this case, however it is an apt description for a truly scary collection of managers, each with their own lofty aspirations.

1. Chiredzi Hippos
Manager: fatman
Relegated in 8th place from I.1

Fatman has been close to the sensory organs of the community since his transfer from Wales 4 seasons ago. Testament to his skills as a manager would be his unexpected promotion 2 seasons ago when he was far from favourite. His nous was overcome by unassailable CSRs of the top flight, however he did his reputation no harm by several impressive victories. Fatman’s squad is lighter CSR-wise but his pockets are much heavier having extorted full value from Mattt for JJ and Kamwendo. Fatman is in a slightly strange position of having landed amidst a league who are no respecters for history and he may find himself in more scraps than he ought to be. He is however not the favourite for the league with DYG fulfilling that mantle. The election results (unknown at the time of writing) could well have a huge effect on how he approaches the league, either way the club matches with Mark and DYG will certainly have extra needle irrespective of the outcome. He is also defending the impressive run of unbeaten youth team matches. Fatman is an all or nothing chap, funny, debonair, possibly unemployed, possibly king maker. It will be one hell of a season.

Prediction: 3rd

2. Dan-Y-Graig
Manager: Dan-y-graig
Finished 2nd in II.3 S14

DYG was hugely unlucky last year not to promote and not to win the cup. A certain immovable object in flopman was in his path. DYG, another of the serious applicants for the U20 manager position, has undoubted pedigree in blackoutrugby. His philosophy of wholesale changes and re:purchasing experienced squads has served him very well. He is clearly favourite and will have an advantage over fatman of sides not wanting to take him on as much as they perceive he is less conquerable. Similarly to fatman and Mark their games will have particular poignancy throughout the season. One would have to be foolhardy to bet against him from winning the league, as he is likely to autopromote, the league of death would be unlikely to be any easier next season. There is a lot that can happen in 16 weeks though.

Prediction: 1st

3. The Safe Hands academy
Manager: Safe hands
Finished 4th in S14 II.3

Safe Hands is a highly respected manager who loves a spreadsheet and an extrapolating graph. He will be smarting from a 4th place finish when he was aiming for more. His squad is balanced and of decent standard. What his squad lacks in raw impact names and flags he makes up for in solidarity and skills in the right places: he is no CSR junkie. Safe Hands has not had much action on the TM in the last season and I would anticipate maybe 1-2 new additions this season as well as his U20 trainees to provide additional firepower. He too fancies his youth academy and will be chomping at the bit to lay into fatman. The only surprise is that Safe Hands did not fancy putting his hat into the ring for the U20 job.
Prediction: 4th

4. Chinhoyi Rhinos
Manager: Markharrison (nominated for most dedicated manager S14)
Finished 3rd in S14 II.3

Mark needs little introduction. If fatman is the sensory organs then Mark must be the heart and lungs and of the community. He works furiously hard in multiple aspects, U20, Super Zim Cup and enjoys his Yorkshire mild. In a revelation in recent seasons he has found the 3rd tab in the tactics section and has not looked back since Wink. There are few managers with as much insight into the nation’s youth but his club side has somewhat suffered from his multiple interests. Depending on the election result: potentiall the U20’s loss may cause the league to groan, as Mark with extra time for his club side will be even more formidable. You must feel that he will have extra verve in his matches between fatman and DYG – if only the official rivals settings were in place. The additions of 2x 150kCSR chaps indicates he means business.

Prediction: 2nd

5. Nondies
Manager: Pasifica
Finished 5th in S14 II.3
Pasifica is silent but deadly. He can boast a true superstar in Magodora, it is a shame from the players perspective that his parents were just too eager. If only they could have abstained by several weeks he could have shone at 2 consecutive world cups. As it stands Mark and fatman have hinted they would concentrate on those eligible for S16 WC and that could generate ill-feeling and extra spice in their fixtures (maybe Wink) even if he does lose his most eminent flag pasifica has another in the wings with Nyambuya already an amazing 87K at 18 years old! With no purchases since August 2011 he is unlikely to trouble the taxman too much this season but that also hints at a clarity of thought and a likely healthy bank balance if required to quell any upstarts and possibly threaten those above him.

Prediction: 5th

6. Courtney Lawes’s Love Children
Manager: Flintoff
Finished 6th in II.3 S14

Following the Polish way of lineout management flintoff can be justifiably accused of nanosophilia (better to google that than dwarf fetishism). With no recent purchases of note (shhhh) it appears that flintoff has settled into a “hanging on by the skin of his teeth” method for survival. There have already been murmurings of WNWIM threats and promises for votes. Should these be substantiated then I am sure the long arm of the law(es) will be thrown at him. Flintoff has overachieved in recent seasons and is likely to find his natural level as a yo-yoing team between the 3rd and 2nd divisions. He has an ego-stroking aim to train props and simple folk with large CSRs so that he can feel better about his other inadequacies. Thankfully one of these one-trick ponies has been called up to the U20 side, and although yet to win a cap this is likely to be the only highlight in the Lawes’s season.

Prediction: 7th

7. Falcon College
Manager: falconoldboy
Finished first in III.5

Already surprised mark this season, forcing a normal from him, with an impressive looking squad. Having a 120k CSR for only $34k is a bargain, almost irrespective of skill set. He has spent his winnings well and the squad as an imposing and experienced look about it, although whether it could be called Southland Slayer oldboys is another matter. An unknown package as he has kept his cards close to his chest but he will be coming out firing on all cylinders to stay in the division. Will he be able to manage it. Well it may take further investment and he will be seen as a gimme some of the other managers. The odd-timed TNT could well put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Prediction: 6th

8. One click manager going bot and causing another stupidly good team to come into the league
Who knows what the final points difference will be I think -1560. Answers on a postcard…

Prediction: last, by a mile, not even close…
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:18 am

the first ranked guy will replace the bot ya? ha im keeping away from this league anyway scary
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:36 am

I think I will be in this one next season
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:24 am

Not if I get there first mattt Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:59 pm

Not sure if either of you is good enough to get into this league tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:57 pm

Definately not at the minute!!
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.3 preview   

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Season 15 II.3 preview
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